Eat: Recovery Food

There’s nothing that cannot you cannot recover from when you dine at Recovery Food. Well fine, that might be too much of a statement to make. I can’t help it ’cause for all the times that I’ve dined at RF, I felt better upon walking out than I did walking in.

Eat: Krung Thai

Alas, my city (Marikina represent!) is blessed to have a restaurant that’s the most Thai among all the Thai places I’ve tried in the metro (Jatujak, Soi, etcetera).

Eat: 7-11 Ham and Cheese, Egg French Toast

It is kinda weird to crave for something sold by 7-11, but that’s my general feeling about this Ham and Cheese, Egg French Toast that I bought from the Busan Airport in Korea. I just chanced upon it on the chiller shelves, and decided to give it a try since it was not as expensive…

Eat: Blk 513 Activated Charcoal Frozen Yogurt

Blk 513 is so good that I think I have found another reason to want to go to Eastwood more 🙂 I’ll definitely try this again–crossing my fingers that I don’t get addicted.

Eat: Hassan Kabab and Steaks

I’ve had better meat and more generous serving in other kebab places in the metro or even abroad, but I would go back to Hassan if only for the plethora of sauces that they have to offer.

Eat: Bing Sheep Bingsu

I got their milky snow with mangoes and cornflakes and the taste was just so addicting. My only key complaint is that I expected a bigger serving as it was quite expensive at 160-190 pesos.

Watch: Designated Survivor

I don’t what got into me but I ended up picking Designated Survivor while I was browsing Netflix one weekend for new stuff to watch. 16 episodes in and looking back, I’m sure glad I hit play.

Eat & Drink: Tokyo Bubble Tea

The night’s favorite though was the Matcha JCC (Japanese Cheesecake Cream) which was a lighter and more palatable version of Starbucks’ Green Tea Frappe crossed with Happy Lemon’s Rock Salt and Cheese drink series.